熬夜修仙  2.0.9 APK MOD (unlimited money) free Download latest

熬夜修仙 2.0.9 APK MOD (unlimited money) free Download latest

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熬夜修仙 Apk Pro Mod latest In ancient times, there were three great demons. They were tyrannical and unparalleled.
Demon Venerable came into the world, and the world encountered an unprecedented catastrophe. Thousands of monks rose up to resist, but it was difficult to match the demon god.
At the time of crisis, Emperor Haotian, the lord of the heavens, led the immortals to fight against the demons and sealed the three demons.
Since then, his vitality has been severely damaged, and his Xuantian Record has also been reduced to fragments and scattered in all walks of life.
Ten thousand years later, the power of the seal gradually weakens, and a new catastrophe is coming…

“Stay Up Night Cultivation” is a text MUD casual placement game with the theme of cultivating immortals. The game is based on the background of cultivation and becoming an immortal. Players play the role of cultivators. During the process of diligently seeking the Tao, they lead their partners to experience demons, demons, monsters, and exercises. Tests such as law, planting grass and alchemy, improve the realm, and write your own story of immortality.

[The world of self-cultivation, a hundred clans stand together]
Humans, Demons, Demons, Immortals, more than 80 comprehension partners, forging a magical relationship of comprehension

[By chance, the reincarnation of heaven]
Cultivation in troubled times, subduing demons and eliminating demons, exploring secret realms, and adding opportunities

[Comprehend the avenue, calm down the crisis]
Randomly refresh the demon-suppressing BOSS, kill to get immortal jade, exercises, equipment, comprehend the avenue, and calm the crisis

[Treasures of heaven and materials, for my use]
More than 30 sects, more than 50 kinds of magic weapons, more than 100 kinds of spiritual tools and beasts, and more than 500 kinds of exercises to compile the world of self-cultivation

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※This software is classified as Supplementary 12+ according to the game software classification management method because it involves violence, inappropriate language, virtual love or marriage and other game plots.
※This game is free to download, and the game also provides paid services such as purchasing virtual game currency and items.
※Please pay attention to the game time to avoid indulging.

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